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As a car accident victim himself, Attorney Steven N. Jones knows what you are going through. That’s why he makes sure to explain the process to you from start to finish, and gives you his cell phone number so you always have someone to call during your situation. Steven N. Jones is a transparent, diligent, and honest trial lawyer. At Steven Jones Injury Law, you aren’t just a number.

Legal Help for the Injured in Atlanta

Attorney Steven N. Jones has helped hundreds of clients throughout the years with various injury claims in Atlanta. Recently, he has focused on traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases in Atlanta and surrounding Georgia. This can include car accidents and other injury claims where the individual may be suffering from lingering effects for years or even a lifetime. In addition, Steven Jones Injury Law has handled cases of slip and falls, dog bites, work injuries, and more. 

When your life and well-being are on the line, experience matters. During these times, Steven Jones Injury Law is your best and only choice.


Our Atlanta Personal Injury Services

Attorney Steven N. Jones is ready to meet with you for free. If you have an injury case, including TBI, in Atlanta or surrounding Georgia, you don’t spend a dime unless we win for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We will always fight for fair and just compensation. Our office handles all personal injury matters, but not limited to:


Injured? Need help? Believe in Steven.

When you need an attorney that gets the job done, Steven Jones Injury Law is the office to call. Attorney Steven N. Jones has mounted numerous cases and successfully collected millions of dollars for injured clients. If you are faced with a legal issue in Georgia, call us to find out how our team can make a difference for you.

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