When you’re injured in an accident, you have a lot to focus on. Your recovery takes time, medical bills cost money, and getting back to work just might not be in the cards in the immediate future. And if your injuries are severe enough, you may need to consult an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve from the parties responsible for your condition. But choosing an affordable lawyer isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to help.

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Ask for a Detailed Breakdown of Their Fee Structures

Most reputable Atlanta personal injury lawyers offer free consultations before charging you any additional fees. Use this to your advantage. Meet with each attorney you’re interested in working with and ask for a detailed breakdown of their fee structure. They should be able to provide you with a written explanation of their fees and any other costs you may need to cover if you work with them. This will let you compare prices from several law firms so you can find an expert that fits your budget.

Look for Attorneys Who Charge By Contingency

Most personal injury attorneys only get paid when you win your case and receive your settlement, otherwise known as a contingency fee. Those who don’t will charge high hourly rates that may end up costing you more in the long run. Try to look for attorneys who charge on a contingency fee basis whenever possible. This may lower your initial out-of-pocket costs and could help you keep more of your settlement if you win your case.

Be Mindful of Outlandish Promises

Some attorneys may make promises that they can get you a settlement of a certain size or can guarantee that you’ll win in an attempt to convince you to pay higher fees. Don’t believe the hype. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll win or that the court will award a specific settlement amount. Instead, look for an honest attorney who gives you a realistic understanding of what you can expect and what cases like yours have settled for in the past.

Prioritize Experience and Knowledge Over Price

Though price is always something you should consider, you should never prioritize price over the experience, thoughtfulness, and abilities of the attorney you hire. Do your research. Read reviews from their previous clients and see what their experiences are like. Ideally, you’ll choose an attorney that you’re comfortable with and who you believe can best represent your case. 

Steven Jones Injury Law Will Match or Beat Prices

At Steven Jones Injury Law, we believe that no one should have to compromise on expertise just to save a little money. That’s why our fees are affordable to begin with. We want to give you the representation you deserve so you can get a settlement that truly meets your needs. If you find an attorney who quotes you a lower price, let us know. We’ll match their price and represent your case. 

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