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Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer | Handling Auto Accident Cases in Georgia

Auto accidents are very serious, and at times, they can cause very serious injuries as well. After you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, you simply cannot afford to leave things up to chance–you must take charge and hire an aggressive Atlanta auto accident lawyer who can effectively fight for the compensation you need.

Our Legal Services

Our legal team assists clients who’ve been wrongfully injured in a wide array of auto accident claims, including the following:

  • Bus Accidents: Though we tend to think of buses as safe means of transportation, especially because they travel at such comparatively low speeds, the unfortunate reality is that buses are susceptible to accidents just like all other motor vehicles, and if you’ve recently sustained an injury in a bus accident, you need an attorney who is familiar with the complexities often associated with mass transit accident cases.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Cyclists are offered far less protection than all other motorists on the road, and if you were recently stricken by another motor vehicle as a cyclist, you most likely require financial compensation to heal. You can depend on an Atlanta injury lawyer here at Steven Jones Injury Law to fight for your right to compensation.
  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are perhaps the most common type of auto accident, and unfortunately, more people are injured in car accidents than in any other type of auto accident. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need an experienced attorney on your side.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents: Everybody knows just how unsafe it is to drive while under the influence of alcohol–not to mention, it is also illegal–however, so many people make the mistake of doing so anyway. If you’ve been hurt in an accident with a drunk driver, it is critical that you retain the services of an Atlanta auto accident lawyer who understands both the civil and criminal aspects of these cases.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Though motorcycles are one of the most thrilling ways to get around, they are also among the most dangerous, and unfortunately, even when bikers obey the rules and regulations of the road, when other motorists fail to do so, bikers can sustain very serious injuries as a result.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the road. Even cyclists are generally at least equipped with helmets and other protective gear, which pedestrians, unfortunately, have nothing but the shirt on their backs to protect them from a potential accident. If you’ve been struck by a car as a pedestrian, you need an experienced Atlanta injury lawyer on your side who can work to obtain the full financial compensation you need to heal.
  • Truck Accidents: Truck accidents are also among the most devastating accidents, as cars and other motor vehicles are dwarfed compared to the sheer size and weight of commercial vehicles. If you were hurt in a truck accident in Atlanta, you can depend on us to fight for your rights.
  • Uber/Lyft Accidents: Uber/Lyft have dominated the ridesharing business, and though both of these services are generally safe and dependable, they are only operated by humans, which means that an accident can still happen at any time. Our firm is familiar with Uber and Lyft’s liability coverage system and we are ready to do everything in our power to ensure you are compensated after a serious accident.

Recovering Compensation

As long as you can prove that you were injured in an auto accident directly caused by another driver’s negligence, you should recover financial compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages seek to compensate an individual for the financial cost of his or her injury, such as lost wages from being unable to return to work, the cost of multiple surgeries or overnights in a hospital, and more. On the other hand, non-economic damages seek to financially compensate a person for non-monetary damages, such as emotional distress or pain and suffering caused by the auto accident.

Statute of Limitations for Auto Accident Claims in Georgia

The statute of limitations is the timeframe in which all those who’ve been wrongly injured will have to take legal action against the party responsible for their injuries. In most cases, the statute of limitations for auto accident claims in Georgia is two years, meaning you will only have two years from the date of your accident to sue the liable party. That being said, if you were injured in a bus or train accident and the bus/train was owned by the state of Georgia, you will have far less time to file what is known as a Notice of Claim. This is why it is simply best to reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as you can.

Contact an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer

The bottom line is that if you’ve been injured on the road, you’ve come to the right place. Our firm will tirelessly work to recover the financial compensation you deserve. Contact Steven Jones Injury Law to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.