Many people enjoy grocery shopping, and others simply view it as another mundane part of daily life. Regardless of your outlook on the matter, the last thing you’d expect is to sustain a serious injury while simply walking down an aisle, however, unfortunately, this happens more often than you may think, and if you’ve recently been injured in a grocery store accident, you should strongly consider contacting a knowledgeable Atlanta grocery store accident lawyer here at Steven Jones Injury Law who can fight for the compensation you need.

Should I Hire an Atlanta Grocery Store Accident Lawyer?

After a serious accident, you cannot hire just any attorney to fight for your rightful compensation; you need an attorney who truly cares about your right to a swift recovery. An Atlanta injury attorney at Steven Jones Injury Law is ready to fight for the compensation you need so you can get back to doing what you love and move on with your life.

Causes of Grocery Store Accidents

At times, grocery store accidents are unavoidable. However, this is not always the case, and oftentimes, these accidents are the result of grocery store ownership or staff negligence. Some of the most common safety hazards that cause accidents in grocery stores are as follows:

  • Merchandise falling from shelves
  • Unsafe grocery store parking lots or sidewalks
  • Inadequate security
  • Spilled liquids or debris in aisles
  • Poorly placed floor mats or merchandise displays
  • Spoiled foods

What to do After a Grocery Store Accident

After a grocery store accident, you should immediately call an ambulance to the scene and notify the store owner that you’ve been hurt. The store owner should then write up a store incident report regarding the facts of the accident. You should then take pictures of the unsafe conditions that caused your accident and ensure you obtain witness contact information from anyone who saw your accident happen. Once you’ve received medical treatment and are in stable condition, you should hire a knowledgeable Atlanta grocery store accident lawyer who can work to satisfy the burden of proof in your personal injury claim.

Contact an Atlanta Grocery Store Accident Lawyer

Here at Steven Jones Injury Law, we believe that no client should have to fight the uphill battle of recovering their rightful compensation on their own, which is why we are dedicated to providing each client with the knowledge and zealous representation they need to come out on top. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm. We are on your side, even when the insurance companies aren’t.