Though parking lots are generally thought of as mundane aspects of daily life, the truth is, parking lot accidents are far from uncommon, and if you’ve recently been hurt in one, you need to speak with an experienced Atlanta parking lot accident lawyer who can fight for your rightful compensation. Contact Steven Jones Injury Law today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Do I Need an Atlanta Parking Lot Accident Lawyer?

When someone is hurt due to no fault of their own, it is critical that they retain knowledgeable legal advocates who care about their clients on a personal level. The attorneys here at Steven Jones Injury Law are here to help ensure you receive the compensation you require to heal.

Common Causes of Parking Lot Accidents in Georgia

Parking lot accidents, not unlike most other accidents, are typically a result of negligence. Parking lot accidents can either occur between two or more motor vehicles, between a motor vehicle and a person, or simply involve one person who slipped or tripped and fell, or was otherwise injured in a parking lot due to unsafe parking lot conditions. Some examples of unsafe parking lot conditions are as follows:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Standing water
  • Potholes
  • Negligent signage
  • Unsafe sidewalks
  • Weather hazards left uncleared
  • Other debris left uncleared
  • Inadequate security

Recovering Compensation After a Parking Lot Accident

To recover compensation after sustaining an injury in a parking lot accident, you will have to prove that the property owner either knew or should have known about the unsafe parking lot condition(s), failed to take timely action to fix them, and that you were injured and incurred damages as a result. Do not make the mistake of filing your claim without the assistance of a knowledgeable Atlanta injury lawyer on your side. Our firm has handled countless injury claims over the years, and we are here to fight for you as well.

Ensure you file your personal injury claim within two years, as the statute of limitations in Georgia states that all those who wish to bring a claim must do so within two years of the date of their accident. Waiting any longer than two years will most likely result in you losing your right to pursue compensation.

Contact an Atlanta Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

No one should have to fight for the compensation they need on their own when they can instead have a knowledgeable legal advocate on their side. Our firm is dedicated to assisting clients in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia, and we are ready to fight for you as well. Contact Steven Jones Injury Law today to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm.