If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re likely already facing hefty medical bills and may even be struggling to get back to work. When you can’t earn the type of living you’re used to and have to deal with rising medical costs, getting legal help isn’t just a good idea—it’s a must. But working with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer isn’t always cheap. You need to understand the average costs so you can better prepare yourself and so you can find an attorney that you can truly afford to partner with.


The Average Cost People Pay to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The way most personal injury lawyers charge for their services is a bit different than you might think. Rather than charging on an hourly basis, most Atlanta personal injury lawyers work on what’s known as a “contingency” basis. 

Contingency fee structures mean your attorney only gets paid when you do and the amount they’ll receive is dependent on what you win in your personal injury lawsuit. Typically, attorneys take a percentage of your settlement once it’s awarded. If you don’t receive a settlement, the attorney won’t get paid.

What Impacts Your Costs 

The exact percentage that your Atlanta personal injury lawyer charges may vary depending on your case, the severity of your injuries, their expertise, and more. In most cases, you’re also responsible for covering different court costs and other associated expenses. But each attorney bills for those costs differently.

That’s why it’s important to discuss fees with each attorney you’re considering working with before you agree to partner with them. Make sure they explain everything in detail before you leave the office. If you have questions about different costs or fee structures, get those questions answered before you hire them.

The Initial Consultations Should Always Be Free

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your initial consultation should always be free. Some unscrupulous attorneys may try to charge an hourly rate for these consultations which can make pursuing your personal injury lawsuit more expensive.

Always ask about the cost of your initial consultation before you schedule an appointment at any law firm. If they tell you that they charge a set amount for your initial consultation, keep looking. Remember, your initial consultation is how you’ll determine if the attorney understands your situation and can help you decide if you’re comfortable with them handling your case. Paying for the appointment if you end up not working with the attorney will likely feel like a waste of money.

Can You Negotiate Pricing?

It’s rare that you’ll be able to negotiate pricing with your attorney. Most set their fees and expect their clients to pay them regardless of what other attorneys charge for the same services. At Steven Jones Injury Law, we understand that every situation is unique, and clients deserve the best representation they can find regardless of cost. 

Our fees are affordable but if you can find an attorney that will charge you less, we’ll match their rates so you can get the representation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.